How to Market Yourself as an Entertainer

Marketing is an essential part of any aspiring entertainer's business. In addition to being an expert at their chosen art, an entertainer who's just starting out must network, market, and book his or her own gigs.

Amateur entertainers constantly need to push their own brand and custom shirts are a great way to do this. The shirts act as advertisements that are able to travel as far as the person wearing it. Billboards and print mailings have a tried and tested record of effectiveness, but these can get costly and can only reach a finite number of people. Not only can a t-shirt reach an impressive number of people in any given day, but t-shirts can be re-worn any number of times. This means that a one-time advertising investment of a few dollars per t-shirt can reach thousands of people, and continue to do so for as long as necessary.

A custom shirt from ooShirts with your name, face, website and tagline on it, or name and/or picture of your band, is the perfect long-term marketing tool.