How to Market Your Car Wash Fundraiser

We all know the benefits of marketing with t-shirts. Here is another fantastic way to market that you may not have thought of: promoting your car wash.

A Fundraising Tradition

Car washes as charity events are an American tradition. Ever since I can remember, school and church groups have attempted to raise money by way of washing cars, usually at $10 a pop. Groups can expect to make a few hundred dollars from an afternoon spent running a car wash fundraiser, and sometimes up to one or two thousand dollars. Any money is good money, of course, but how can groups make even more money? They can advertise more effectively. Although sign waving is the go-to method to draw passing cars into a car wash, more planning on the advertising end can make a huge difference. Advertising your group and the car wash for a week in advance will get a lot more cars there that want to support the group. These cars, along with the casual passerby, can contribute to doubling your fundraiser's profits.

Maximizing Profit

T-shirts are the perfect way to advertise your car wash event. Wearing your shirt to school, to work, and all around town will get the word about your car wash out to a huge number of people. Also, t-shirts are a better advertising tool than posters because if there are any concerns or confusion, no one can ask a poster questions. People will see your shirt, ask you about it, and you can then sell the idea of coming to your fundraiser to them. After you have gotten people to come, you can raise even more money by selling shirts featuring group's name or logo at the car wash itself. While people are waiting for their cars to get washed, explain the nature of the fundraiser to them and appeal to them to support your group by buying some custom t-shirts.

Car wash fundraisers are already tons of fun. Make them supremely profitable by marketing the event with custom shirts, then selling shirts to the patrons.