How to Get Pumped for your Final Exams

It has all come down to this. The sleepless nights, the countless parties missed, the bloody fingertips, the thinning hair; all the sacrifice is being put to the test. It is the most dreaded time of any student's academic experience. That's right. It's time for final exams.

The number one downer students face when going into final exams is their own anxiety. Instead of psyching yourself out before the exam, pump yourself up with a custom final exam outfit from ooshirts . Many students feel extra confident when they stroll into an exam tricked out in a neon green headband and a custom sleeveless shirt with something like "Exam Superstar" or a graphic of a fist beating up a test on the front of it. Even better: have the whole class go in on shirts to show the professor that you are ready for business . We have great deals for college students looking to order custom apparel. Just be sure to order multiples; you'll want to have an extra undershirt so you're not exposed when you triumphantly tear your first shirt off upon turning in your exam.