How Custom Tees will make your Thanksgiving Unimaginably Fun

Thanksgiving is a fantastic time of year in America. With themes of food, family, friends, and even some football, it's obvious why the holiday is one of America's favorites.


Both Europeans and Native Americans had long-standing traditions of celebrating the harvest even before the famous first Thanksgiving celebration at Plymouth in 1621. Communities would come together to eat and rest after long months of toiling in the fields for the harvest. Later in New England, the Europeans barely had enough food to feed half of the 102 colonists in their group. This is when the Native Americans gave them seeds and taught them how to fish, saving the colonists' lives. At the end of the first harvest the Europeans and Native Americans came together for a feast of Thanksgiving, a tradition that continues through today.

Get in the Mood

Thanksgiving is way too much fun. The food, family and friends put everyone in a great mood. An incredibly easy way to spice up the day is a custom shirt from ooShirts! Decorating the house in fall and Thanksgiving themes is a popular tradition, so decorating yourself and your family with custom shirts will really put everyone in the mood to give thanks. We have a couple Thanksgiving design ideas if you need a little help getting started. Since it will be the end of fall and the beginning of winter, the weather will be pretty chilly, so you can also get your design printed onto a sweatshirt to make sure you stay warm and comfortable on this best of holidays. So have an incredible Thanksgiving, fill yourself up with food, family and friends, and put that extra cherry on top of your Thanksgiving feast with a custom Thanksgiving shirt.