Helping Your Business With T-Shirt Marketing

Custom design clothing is perfect for businesses large or small. Throwing your business logo and information on a t-shirt, hoodie, pants or athletic wear are all fantastic ways to get your name out there. The possibilities are endless when custom designing clothing for your business. Our design tips for businesses outline basic creative and straightforward approaches to effectively marketing your business on a shirt. But who says you need to choose only one?


Businesses find that advertising themselves on clothing is effective because the clothing travels as far as the person wearing it. Billboards and print mailings have a proven record of effectiveness, but these can get costly and can only reach a finite number of people. Not only can a t-shirt reach an impressive number of people in any given day, but t-shirts can be re-worn any number of times. This means that a one-time advertising investment of a few dollars per t-shirt can reach thousands of people, and continue to do so for as long as the shirt stays in style.

Your Secret Weapon

Custom printed t-shirts can be your "secret advertising weapon." In addition to the "walking billboard" aspect of printed t-shirts, there is also an air of professionalism about a service-based business wearing a uniform. This shows the customers that all of the employees are there to work and have a sense of being part of a team.

Whether you want to get the word out on a current special offer or on your business itself, custom t-shirts are an incredibly effective advertising tool and can be an asset to your business.