Gymnastics Apparel

Strength; agility; flexibility; coordination; balance. Beginning with the Ancient Romans, gymnastics has been a spectacle of impressive human physical achievement. Here at ooshirts, we have the athletic apparel you'll need to help you perform at your best on the mat.


Gymnastics, along with cross country, running, and water polo, is one of the most incredibly physically demanding sports out there. Few have the drive and determination to succeed at it. If you are a parent, customizing a shirt for your gymnast prodigy child is the perfect way to show them you will go the extra mile to show them support. If you are an athlete or team, our customized athletic apparel will be comfortable and give you an unparalleled sense of camaraderie. Even in sports where you perform individually, having the support of a team behind you makes it so much easier to perform.


We have apparel that is appropriate and comfortable for gymnastics in our athletic shirts section. These shirts are fully customizable so that your whole team will match and strike fear into any competition. Whether your team is looking for warmups, men's and women's tank tops or compression tees, we have the shirts for you. And if it's bottoms you're looking for, don't panic! We have multiple styles of sweatpants, fitness shorts, and spandex and cheer shorts for women. Whatever your particular gymnastics activity, we have you and your covered at ooShirts.