Guide To Ordering Ladies Shirts

Designing your own garments online can seem daunting at first, but it allows you to have an entirely unique look that you cannot buy at any store. If this is your first time ordering custom printed t-shirts online, this guide can help you decide how to get the perfect shirt for you.

Selecting Your Fit

Before you select the shirt you are going to use for your design, ask yourself whether you want a loose shirt or a fitted shirt. Loose shirts are cut similarly to unisex or men's shirts, but are sized proportionally for a woman's body. Fitted shirts hug the chest and the waist, creating a fashion fit look. When deciding between these two styles, think about what you will be using the shirt for. Is this for a charity fundraiser, a family reunion, or just everyday wear? The context in which you will be wearing your shirt will help you decide which fit will be the best for you.

The Secret Fit

If you are concerned that a fitted shirt may feel too tight, but don't want the boxy look of a loose shirt, order a fitted unisex shirt to get the perfect inbetween fit! Fitted unisex shirts are much looser than fitted women's shirts, but still have a slim look in the shoulders and chest. All of our fitted unisex shirts come in super-soft jersey knit cotton for ultimate relaxed comfort.

Selecting Your Color

There is nothing more important in a woman's wardrobe than color. With a wide variety of beautiful colors you can dress to match any mood or occasion. However, must of us get stuck into a routine of repeating a few colors over and over again in our wardrobe. When selecting the color of your garment ask yourself a few questions first. Do I have several garments in this color already? What color do I not have in my wardrobe that I would really like to try? Will this color compliment the color of my eyes?

Knowing Your Size

Selecting your size can be the most troublesome part of ordering clothes online. When selecting your size, consider these factors: Unisex shirts are sized to fit men, so consider ordering a smaller size when purchasing unisex shirts. Fitted shirts often feel like they run small because they are a tighter fit, so select your size accordingly. If you know your dress size then you can consult our online sizing guide for the best accuracy.

Creating Your Design

Now that you have selected your perfect shirt, color, and size it is time to add your design. Designing your own clothes allows you to create a totally unique look for yourself that reflects your taste and personality. Whether you are adding one-of-a-kind artwork or designing shirts for your best friend's bachelorette party, always trust your own aesthetic sensibilities.