Getting Started


There's a surprising number of options for adding text to your shirt. Numerous fonts and colors are available. You can also align your text in different ways, change the spacing, arrange it into an arc or make it metallic. You can find these options in the left-hand box of the design lab under the "text" tab at the top of that window. Metallics actually aren't listed, but we can still print metallics on request.


Instead of using text to communicate, use an image. You can upload your own digital photos or other image files into the Design Lab by clicking the "image" tab over the left-hand window. We accept most types of image files so just be sure that yours is high resolution (300dpi or more). Note: We cannot print copyrighted materials.

Other Fun Things You Can Do

Is your shirt not great enough yet? Put some more stuff on it!

Now you know how to your design your custom t-shirt. You're all set to go.