Getting Patriotic with 4th of July T-Shirts

Holidays are always way too much fun. Here are some thoughts on getting custom shirts for one of my personal favorite holidays: The 4th of July!


The American colonies were under British rule for more than a hundred years. Eventually, the colonists got it in their heads that they wanted to govern themselves because they no longer felt any connection to a crown on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Independence from the British Empire was declared on July 4th, 1776. Every July 4th since then has been a day to celebrate the great experiment that is America by way of fireworks and delicious barbeque. One of my favorite memories is of making custom shirts with my mother every year to commemorate American independence. Painting fireworks is an impressive amount of fun.

A Fun Way to Celebrate

Custom design t-shirts are a fun way to celebrate the 4th of July in particular. Having a special shirt to wear to your barbeque will show everyone your patriotism. And if you're not American, make a shirt celebrating your own country's day of national pride. Making a shirt to commemorate an independence day for any country shows your family and friends that you care, and is an easy way to celebrate the holiday. Our holiday design tips will help get you started with font and clip art suggestions that will make your holiday t-shirt sparkle with the same enthusiasm you are feeling on the inside.