Get a Date Using Custom T-Shirts

Nervous about asking a girl out on a date? Make it simple by asking her out with a custom t-shirt.

Don't Panic!

For many teenage boys, asking a girl out on a date or to a dance is an absolutely terrifying prospect. How do I talk to her alone? What if she says no? What if she tells her friends I'm a loser? What if she tells the whole school I'm a loser? What if she says yes, and then I look like a total dork on the dance floor? What if I take her out for dinner and she laughs at my Power Rangers wallet? These are all questions that plague young boys as they entertain the idea of asking a girl out on a date (I wasn't the only one, right? Please?). Here's the secret though, boys: girls love romance. Girls love romance like boys love sports stars and superheroes. What is the most romantic way to ask a girl out, thereby guaranteeing she will swoon for you and say yes? Ask her out with a customized t-shirt!

Making it Memorable

You can see it in your head playing like a scene straight out of Sixteen Candles, minus the Thompson Twins. You call to her from down the hall, loudly and proudly, wearing a custom zip hoodie with something like "Hey Sarah" written in big letters across the front of it. Her curiosity is piqued. You flash her a rock star smile as you unzip your hoodie and tear it open to reveal your shirt: "Will you go to Prom with me?." BOOM! You're going to have to help her up off the ground, because she just got hit so hard by your Rico Suave powers. After you help her up, hit her with the grand finale: you were so confident she would say yes that you already made her a shirt that says "I'm going to the Prom with BLANK" (except your name instead of the word blank, you dig?). Seeing the amount of confident preparation you put into this endeavor will make her instantly yours.

So grab your shirts and hoodie (don't worry, we have customizable ladies' shirts too), and have fun at the best date you've ever been on!