General Spandex Information

Spandex is used in some of our fitness shorts for women.

General Information

Spandex, like our fleece, is a synthetic fiber. Spandex is strong and known for its elasticity; in fact, "spandex is an anagram of the word "expands." It was invented in 1959 at the chemical company DuPont, and went on the revolutionize the clothing industry. Spandex fibers are produced in four different ways: melt extrusion, reaction spinning, solution dry spinning, and solution wet spinning. The solution dry spinning method is used to produce over 94.5% of the world's spandex fibers.

Find it Here

You can find spandex in our Bella Ladies Fitness Shorts. Spandex is ideal for fitness because it is comfortable, breathable and stretches easily. In North America it is rarely used in men's clothing but is very prevalent in women's. You will notice that spandex often accounts for a small percentage of the final fabric (5% in this case). This is because only a small amount is needed for the apparel item to retain the properties of spandex. Making the fitness shorts 95% cotton gives them the look and extra soft feel of cotton, while maintaining the breathability and flexibility of spandex.

If you are looking for a comfortable athletic apparel ensemble, especially bottoms, look for clothing with spandex in it. You will be comfortable and feel ready for your workout.