Finding Images

Maybe you have an idea for a shirt, but haven't actually made the design yet. Ahilarious cat or something slightly less meme-ish, the internet is probably the first place you're going to look for an image. There are a few things you should think about:

Make Sure It's Not Copyrighted

»Include the phrase "royalty-free" in your keywords.
»Double check for small insignias or logos that sometimes appear in the background of other images.
»If it's an image that's recognizable in pop-culture, it's probably copyrighted.

Image Quality

»High-resolution images are 300dpi (dots per inch) or more.
»Look for images that are sharp, clear, and large.
»Since we take most kinds of image files, just focus on the quality.

Using Your Image To Make The Best Shirt Possible

Now that you've found your image, make the most of it! Remember when you're designing your shirt that this is a garment that you (and possibly your class, team, organization) are going to be wearing and that it's not just the picture on the screen. Don't overload it - what may look fun in a picture on your monitor could be garish when it's life-sized and three dimensional. Think of your shirt like you're seeing it in a store. Would you buy it?