Festivus For the Rest of Us!

The holidays are incredibly stressful. Everyone expects everyone else to buy gifts, deal with family and wear a smile through all of the pain. Well I say, "enough!" We need a holiday that allows us to be upset when we feel upset, that turns its back on the commercialism that defines the American holiday season. We need something for the rest of us. Simply, we need Festivus.


Created by Dan O'Keefe and made popular by the hit comedy Seinfeld, Festivus has grown to tremendous popularity over the last decade and a half. The three biggest Festivus events are the erecting of the Festivus pole, the Airing of Grievances, and the Feats of Strength. The Festivus pole is an unadorned aluminum pole. Many people find tinsel distracting, and they appreciate aluminum's high strength to weight ratio. Also, the pole is very easy to store in between celebrations. The Airing of Grievances takes place during dinner. This is a time when everyone gets a turn to call everyone else, and the whole world, out on how they have disappointed them over the last year. Finally is the Feats of Strength. This is when the head of household chooses one person to wrestle. Festivus cannot come to an end until the head of household has been pinned.

Festivus Shirts

The holiday falls every year on December 23rd, presumably so as not to interfere with Christmas celebrations. If you're looking to give tshirts as gifts, have a go on our site and make your own tshirts for family and friends. Make shirts with your Grievances on them, and special shirts for the head of household and his opponent to wear when they wrestle. With the stress of the holiday seasons, a great Festivus celebration, and a chance to air your grievances and get out some aggression are great ways to cut loose and enjoy yourself.

So, as they say, Festivus for the rest of us!