Decade Themed Design Ideas

Much of who we are is defined by the decade in which we grew up. ooshirts has everything you need to rep your favorite decade with pride. Here are some ideas on what could go on each shirt.

» 1920s- The Roarin' Twenties. Also known as the Jazz Age. This was a wildly fun time in America. The 18th Amendment made alcohol illegal, so the decade is also referred to as an era of Prohibition. Baseball was the most popular sport and Babe Ruth was changing the game. Your shirt could be a great tribute to jazz, underground drinking and dance clubs, or baseball.

» 1950s- Two words: Elvis Presley. Two and a half more words: Rock n' Roll. The 1950s were an incredible time in the music world. Rock n' roll was like nothing anyone had heard before. It was mainly influence by the blues, but it was by no means the same thing. Rock n' roll was faster, louder and dirtier. Buddy Holly, Elvis, Chuck Berry and many others were the news. Make your 1950's shirt a tribute to the birth of rock n' roll.

» 1960s- Hippies! I bet you thought it before you read it. The 60s are known for a multitude of events- the Beatles, the Cold War, JFK, Star Trek, Bob Dylan, Woodstock, and the counter-culture movement. Your 1960s t-shirt should reflect that: peace signs, tie-dye designs, and folk music icons will make your 60s shirt unforgettable.

» 1990s- The 90s! An incredibly boring decade if there ever was one, the 90s are an interesting phenomenon. Those that grew up in them thought the decade was so boring and uncool that it has now become an ironic badge of pride to have done so. Whenever one person who grew up in the 90s meets another person who claims to have done the same, a "who can name more pop culture symbols and icons" battle ensues. Neon colors, Power Rangers, a Skip-It, a Furby and Pokemon cards (see, now I'm doing it!) will make your shirt totally rad! Stellar!

These are just a few suggestions for some of my favorite decades (don't even get me started on the 1090s). Have fun making your decade-themed custom t-shirts!