Creative T-Shirt Designs

Some people come to us looking for specific customized t-shirts, such as shirts for school clubs or baseball shirts. However, some folks just love making custom shirts, no matter what might end up on them. Here are a couple fun design ideas for your shirts.

Pirate Flag

Who doesn't love pirates? Back in the day they were a scourge, and truly evil people. They stole, they murdered, and they laughed about it the whole time. Today, however, they are revered folk legends. Especially following the release of Disney's four Pirates of the Caribbean films, pirates have become beloved symbols of independence, with a unique code of honor on par with samurai and knights. Have a go at designing your own pirate flag! We are all familiar with the classic black flag that features a white skull and cross bones. Try choosing your own funny skull, or one with a bandana, and make some neat symbols around it to replace your classic cross bones.

Your Own Maze

Remember that scene in Inception when Leo tests Kitty Pride by giving her one minute to draw him a maze that will sufficiently confound him? Did you go try drawing your own complicated maze after that? Well I certainly did. I also remember drawing mazes all the time back in school. Whenever friends and I were bored in class, we would entertain one another with our labyrinthine creations. Put a complicated maze of your own making on your shirt. Guys, I'm sensing a great opportunity to have girls trace your chest. Girls...samesies.

Original Recipes

Calling all chefs! No, not just those of you lucky enough to have a culinary school degree hanging in front of you on the wall; I'm talking to everyone that cooks daily, and takes pride in their cooking. Make a cool t-shirt design featuring the recipes for your edible creations. This will be both a great conversation starter and a great way to market your own culinary artistry.

These are just a few of my off-the-wall musings. Check out the rest of our design guides for more fun t-shirt design ideas.