College Major T-Shirts

Fight for the Top

Declaring a major in college is a big step toward the coveted Bachelor's degree. In your upperclassman years of college, you will be taking a majority of classes within your major. Chances are that you will have more and more classes with the same people and have wonderful opportunities to make friends with like-minded individuals. There is a lot of pride in each major, as there rightly should be. Even the "easiest" majors still present demanding programs for the students studying them. Certain majors have even developed rivalries over time. When I was in school, the philosophy and rhetoric departments could not stand each other! The students in each respective major often argued over who was studying philosophy the "right" way. Neither side ever won, and I have a theory as to why not: no one presented any creative type of argument. If one of the departments had hit the other with a customized t-shirt declaring their supremacy in the matter, no one would have been able to argue back. Declaring to the world that your major is the best is a fun pastime for college students, and doing it on a t-shirt is a creative way to do so.

Design a Winner

Here at ooshirts, we have everything you need to show the world that your major is the most worthy of respect. If chemical reactions are what tickles your fancy, check out our chemistry t-shirt design ideas.If Socrates and Plato are what get you going, try putting your favorite ancient quote on a t-shirt or hoodie. Whatever your major, we have the supplies for you to get a high-quality, low-priced t-shirt that tells the world "My Major is the Best!"