Choir and Band Sweatshirts

Be Proud

At my junior high school, which was sixth through eighth grade, we got to choose one elective from a pool of a whopping three: art class, band and choir. High school wasn't much better, except that we got a fourth "foreign language" class option thrown into the mix. As a result, everyone had an incredible amount of pride in whichever elective they had chosen, and showed off that pride daily. In choir and band especially, this manifested itself in the form of custom sweatshirts that featured both the group's name and the name of each respective individual wearing them. ooshirts has a wide selection of custom apparel to help you show off your music group's pride with style.

Sweatshirts and More

If there is one thing choirs and bands are good at (besides music, of course), it's ordering untold amounts of custom clothing. In addition to sweatshirts for the winter months, Bands and choirs always get custom shirts for trips they take to performance festivals. This is as much about giving the kids something by which they may remember the trip as giving the adult chaperones a way to keep track of every kid. After all, when there are thousands of groups running around a performance space, hotel, theme park, etc., Having all of your kids in identical t-shirts will make sure they will not get lost.

ooshirts will clothe your whole group in style so you guys can look way better than the theater kids.