Business Shirts

T-shirts may be too casual for the office setting (unless you work at a custom t-shirt printing company) but that doesn't mean they have no place in business. Here are a few ideas on how t-shirts (and ooShirts) might be able to assist you in your next venture!


T-shirts make great ads, but only if they look amazing. At ooShirts, we make marketing with t-shirts easy.

Upload your company's image directly to our Design Lab. We accept most types of image files; just make sure they're high resolution (at least 300 dots per inch or more). If you're not sure about your image, you can email ([email protected]) it to us and we'll help you figure it out. We also have graphic designers to check all completed designs for image quality.

Clothing Your Employees

If you run, say, an independent cafe, then probably your employees don't sport high-end business wear to work (it would be off-putting to the poets). T-shirts with your business' name and logo are a more relaxed way of looking professional.

Consider how uniform you want your staff to be. You could order the same shirt for everyone, or you could mix it up with multiple styles that all feature your logo. No need to worry about this jacking up your price - we make combining orders easy so that you can still get the lowest price.

Shirts For Sale!

Maybe the shirts aren't just for your business, maybe they are your business. If you're trying to sell your shirts, ooShirts is the company for you.

We give major discounts for larger orders, even if they're on different shirt styles. You can order in bulk from us, get the shirts shipped directly to you free of charge, and profit while still charging your customers less than your competitors!