Breast Pocket Versus No Breast Pocket

If a tree falls in the middle of the woods when there's no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? If I walk halfway to my door, then half that distance, then half that distance, then half that distance, et cetera until infinity, will I ever touch the door? These are questions that have plagued man for literally thousands of years. Still, they pale in comparison to one of the oldest, most contested issues in t-shirt lore: should you wear a shirt with or without a breast pocket?

Pocketed T-Shirts

Hey, both options offer their own advantages. No one is trying to say one choice looks more "dorky" than the other. No one's going to say one choice over the other is "lame" or for total "weenies." But let's get real, t-shirt-wearers; everyone tends to skip over the breast pocket. What's the deal with that? Breast pockets offer a tremendous amount of additional options in your t-shirt experience. They are perfect for holding pens, cards, cash (in a money clip for safety), and any receipts you may acquire over the course of your day. Pants pockets are always getting so full of clutter. Keeping things easy to reach in a convenient shirt with a breast pocket will make your day run smoothly.

Regular T-Shirts

Yeah, if you're a total dork! People stopped using breast pockets when they put a wrist strap on their watches and ditched their monocles for a full pair of glasses. And who keeps stuff in breast pockets anyways? Scientists, that who. They keep pens there. And science is for geeks; i.e. bad. Also, stuff is always falling out of breast pockets. It's not like you can keep your cell phone or wallet in there. And if you're not going to use it, having it there is just unnecessary. If you want to stay away from breast pockets but still want to be the illest looking fellow around, mix it up with our custom organic shirts.

Obviously, there are many differences of opinion on the matter. Some people think breast pockets look goofy, others find them unreliable, and still others find them incredibly useful for storing the right items, and rather fashionable at times. When you're getting ready to design your own tshirts, weigh the pros and cons and really do some soul searching to figure out what will suit you best.