Bar Crawl Tees

A Mid-Twenties Tradition

The absolute best part of turning 21 in America is that you can legally drink. I'm not trying to condone drinking, say that it's fun, or that you should do it. I'm just saying that it's the biggest highlight of turning 21 in the states. Eighteen already lets you do everything on your own- vote, buy a gun, live alone, etc. The only thing they leave for 21 year olds to look forward to is buying alcohol! After 21, you can do anything. No more age-restricting laws, except maybe policies surrounding renting a car. And one of the most fun parts about being able to go into a bar and order drinks is the bar crawl. Countless twenty-somethings around the world have executed perfect bar crawls (if any of them can be said to be perfect). A bar crawl is when a group of people spend a night out on the town, in a place where there is a high concentration of bars in a close vicinity. The group will spend the night walking from bar to bar, ordering one drink at each, and getting a taste of what each bar's atmosphere has to offer.

Birthday Shirts

Bar crawls are a popular birthday activity for the mid-twenties crowd. I've seen more than a few birthday t-shirts that were themed specifically for the bar crawl. People love putting the faces of the party on the shirt, wishing the birthday person a happy birthday, or even putting a picture of themselves doing a keg stand; yes, I have seen even that order go through here. Birthday shirts are a ton of fun though. T-shirts for holidays always make the occasion extra memorable. Everyone will undoubtedly have extra fun doing a bar crawl in matching shirts, and they will have something by which to remember the epic night.

However you choose to celebrate your birthday this year, custom tees will make your celebration memorable. And most importantly, be safe!