April Fools Day Shirts

History and Traditions

April Fool's Day has a rich and surprisingly long history. Iranians play jokes on each other on the 13th day of the Persian new year, which falls on April 1st or 2nd on the Gregorian calendar. This is the oldest "prank day" around (originated in 536 BCE), and thought by some to be the source of April Fools' Day. The earliest recorded association between a prank day and April 1st in the Western world is in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, released in the late 1300s. Also, in the Middle Ages (400s-1400s), many villages celebrated the new year on March 25th and for the whole next week until April 1st. Some stories say that the wider population, who celebrated the new year on January 1st, made fun of these "fools" on the last day of their week-long celebration: April 1st. Finally, another interesting fact I learned: in several parts of the world, mainly France, the popular tradition is to spend the day trying to tape a paper shirt to the backs of your friends, shouting "April fish!" at them (in French of course).

Fun and Mischievous Shirts

Here in America, April Fools' Day is no less popular. Children and many adults love telling jokes and pulling pranks on their friends and coworkers. Still other like throwing April Fools' Day parties as a sort of counterpart to Halloween. Whatever your tradition is, a custom tee will help make your day that much goofier! With our design lab, it has never been easier to design your own funny shirt for the occasion. Also, you could play a killer practical joke on someone by giving them a custom shirt with an embarrassing hidden image on it. If you're like me, you'll love spreading joy with a shirt with a really funny Oscar Wilde quote on it.

Whether you like to spread joy or cause trouble, April Fools' Day is a blast for people all over the world. Spice the day up with some cleverly customized shirts from ooshirts.