An Introduction to our Athletic Apparel

Need athletic shirts for your sports team? Are you physically active regularly and are looking for some custom clothing that you can designate for exercise? Are you training for a charity walk or marathon? Our athletic shirts have you covered.


Female participation in high school sports increased from 294,000 in 1971 to almost 3 million in 2006. Female participation in intercollegiate sports has increased from 16,000 in 1970 to over 180,000 in 2005. The number of women's college sports teams per institution has increased increased from an average of 2.5 to 8.5. All of these facts show that more and more women are getting involved in sports and athletics in general. And all of these women need awesome custom shirts in which to play!


We offer a nice variety of women's athletic apparel. In our athletic shirts section you can find name brand ladies' t-shirts, v-necks, long sleeve performance shirts and two-button baseball jerseys; all fully customizable with your team name or event logo. In our pants section, you will see that we have several varieties of sweatpants that are perfect for working out. If you prefer working out in shorts, try customizing some of our cheer shorts or fitness spandex shorts. I guarantee you will be the only one in the gym rocking "Eat My Shorts" shorts.