5 Iconic Movie T-Shirts

Governments make decisions, but the film industry rules the world. Pulling in literally billions of dollars a year, you cannot argue that Hollywood is an incredible societal force. For goodness' sake; Hollywood pulls in more money than many small countries! An incredibly important part of the film industry is the costume department. In most films the costumes are fantastic, successfully aiding the viewer in suspending disbelief for the duration of the film, yet are ultimately forgettable. However, every now and then there are a few special films that come along and leave something behind. For some like Anchorman, that is an endless slew of witty and absurd quotes. For others like The Matrix, that is years of intense philosophical discussion, a veritable reawakening of Descartes in the minds of young people. And for others still, that something is an iconic customized t-shirt.

5. What About Bob?

1991's What About Bob? showcases Richard Dreyfuss and Bill Murray at one of their career bests, in my humble opinion. Dreyfuss plays a psychiatrist who goes on vacation with his family. The snag is that one of his insanely anxious patients (played by Murray) shows up and ends up gaining the family's affection, much to Dreyfuss' dismay. The writing, acting and comedic timing in this film are all brilliant. This is the shirt Murray wears when he crashes the family's vacation home, cleverly showing him to be obnoxious yet lovable all at once.

4. Charlie Brown

I must be terribly honest with you: I was never a Charlie Brown fan. I know that everyone loved it, and still does, and I know he is at the center of most holiday television programming, but I just could never get into it. Having run from 1950 to 2000, it is a clear cultural phenomenon, and very near and dear to the hearts of many. Although I'm not a fan of the character, even I recognize Brown's famous squiggly line shirt seen here.

3. Happy Gilmore

Let's face it; Adam Sandler has made some real duds. Well Happy Gilmore, my friends, is most certainly not one of them. This film is laugh-out-loud funny from start to finish. I thought it may have been so only because I watched it as a kid, but I watched it recently and even then I was cracking up harder than ever. The film starts off with Happy showcasing his many talents at his various jobs. At a construction job, he accidentally shoots his monstrous boss, portrayed by Richard Kiel (of James Bond fame), in the head with a nail gun. Surprisingly, Kiel shows up to support Happy at the end of the film, while sporting these threatening threads.

2. Animal House

What isn't there to say about National Lampoon's Animal House? Full of drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, slacking off, pranking and sticking it to the man, this film has been a bible of sorts for college students for two generations now. And gosh darn it, John Belushi deserves to be immortalized just how he would have liked to be: a drunk, hilarious, inspiring man. He made famous this shirt that will be seen around campuses everywhere for decades to come.

1. Origins Unknown

This is the big one, quite possibly the most famous t-shirt of all time: the tuxedo shirt. Legend has it that this may have originated in the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High, but sources are unable to confirm at this time. However, this would surely be right at home in that high school romp of a film. Wherever the shirt comes from, whoever made it first, mankind thanks you. For now we can go to prom in a simple t-shirt and blazer rather than spend hundreds on a tuxedo rental. Bless you tuxedo shirt. Bless you.