Shirts for Every Month of the Year

January- A New Year themed shirt. Fireworks, the new year's number, people partying.

February- Valentine's Day themed shirt. Hearts, cupid, flowers, chocolate.

March- Windy themed shirt. Kites and birds flying. Or the number 15 ("Beware the Ides of March....").

April- Rain themed shirt. Umbrellas and rain boots.

May- Spring themed shirt. Flowers, sunshine, bunnies and babies.

June- School's Out themed shirt. Children running out of a schoolhouse, report card, "School's out for summer."

July- Fourth of July themed shirt. American flag, patriotism, barbecue.

August- August is extra dry, so a desert themed shirt. Desert images, cactus, sand, skull in sand, snakes.

September- Fall themed shirt. School, club, athletic themed shirts.

October- Halloween themed shirt.

November- Thanksgiving themed shirt.

December- Christmas themed shirt.

There you have it, a t-shirt theme idea for every month of the year! Have fun wishing everyone a Happy First of the Month every month!